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At first, it was
can’t get you outta my head
Think you don’t know me well enough
if you can’t take the serious side

Life is getting boring…need a social life. I didn’t go out the entire weekend, was too sick to go church. Coughing. Guess tomorrow’s Black Swan movie will have to be postponed to Thursday. And the dinner tomorrow will be postponed too ): i like the W.Co. too bad ):

More and more people like AI! it’s seriously addictive, like a family bonding session over the dinnertime show.

I just found out that what’s causing my feet to become like that is my tight trackshoes. Time to buy another pair of loose ones. It’s a blessing that I’ve caught flu this week, otherwise I would be on the treadmill again, and my feet would only have worsened!

At night, I tried the Neutrogena mask, then i saw my friends’ statuses on going for facials. Out of curiosity, I googled it and it gave me hope that a clear face is possible. 🙂 After I start working for a period of time, I shall go for monthly facials. I need a professional to help me on my quest for clear skin. The mask made my face feel fresher but a little botoxy feeling too, like tighter haha. I’ll buy more, need more of such good stuff!

Oh and anyway this is my first post in years! Because I’d moved to a private blog on blogspot, thinking that WordPress doesn’t have that function when actually it does!

And and and, I love tumblrs! But kinda lazy to set up one.

Anyway i really need to be focused on my work, after getting the job offer the motivation has been dissipating. Well, this post really fits its title.


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