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deprived of shopping!

Urban has gone glossy! I’m gonna keep every issue of it, starting from today’s! (:

I NEED TO SHOP!!! so many plans for these 3 months that I’ve to fight off the temptation to work to earn more $$. It’s time to relax for once during summer break before I start work and there’re only public hols to look forward to.

I need to get:

  1. Black shoes
  2. Sandals
  3. High-waisted dark blue shorts
  4. Jeans – either dark blue or very light blue
  5. White belt
  6. More TOPS! esp. tops of different colours, colours which I don’t wear like green & al intense colours!  
  7. DRESSES!!
  8. Skirts! – i forgot the name for the skirt that puffs out then hugs back to your legs & is high-waisted

Others which are not that impt but worth considering!

Specs (: heehee i wanna get the thick black nerdy-looking specs!!

BLAZERS – white & dark blue/black

Scarf – there’s a nice acrylic scarf sold by ColdWear for $19, featured in Urban


More importantly, studies first!! I’m gonna screw up tmr’s midterms!!

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