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A huge drama happened last night, thought that someone had broken in! The sounds were terrifying, to sat the least! Although it was a false alarm – and dead embarrassing! – I’m still very curious as to who was the one making so many quirky sounds like plates clanging and footsteps going thump thump thump across the floor. The door unlocked too, and it’s a pretty distinct sorta unlocking sound. But the dog hardly barked. I’ve more or less recovered from the nerve-wracking incident, but she hasn’t! She’s still shaken! Who was it, oh, just who was it?!

Stayed up till 2am to rush for the project deadline, it’s kinda done – still had to do it this morning & afternoon ): We met on Saturday to finish up certain parts. The peer e. went well (: (hmph! I like concise writing! Long windy sentences with chunky paragraphs filled with bombastic words gets on one’s nerves & requires a great deal of tolerance, just like this sentence, so my tutors should be unreservedly thankful for my concise & incisive writing style.)

Macs breakfast 0f mocchachino & Cinammon Melts rock! The beverage was especially beautiful to look at! haha. I wanted to take a photo of it but it was weird doing that in the middle of a Macs restaurant with no event on at all.


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uplifting & magical in every way

what would the world be without music?

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chomp chomp!

Yesterday was my last mid-term! Had a good break after that! The questions weren’t difficult but one would need to do it at the speed of a computer programme to have finished it – and i’m not exaggerating! that’s the general consesus. After the “fastest-finger-first” paper ended at 8pm, we went to Chomp Chomp for supper! my friends were ribbing me abt guys, on the train! =p

We’d a Super Sinful Supper! Waited for abt 15 to 20 min for two tables (8 people). Thankfully we were sitting right outside, still, I could feel the heat from there. We ordered so much food – satay, stingray, carrot cake, chicken wings, hokkien mee … I didn’t manage to eat dessert ‘cos i’d to catch the bus.

(a brief afterthought: i should/ must learn to serve others. and, take more photos! to capture the memories while i’m still young. Seeing how actresses looked so pretty when they were young, only to become a shadow of their beauty in later years, i should start taking more photos ;))

So happy that my lost EZ-link card has been found 🙂 saves the trouble of having to make a report!

The only thing weighing on my mind now is that I’ve to finish a report in time for a project meeting at 6pm (four hours away, including travelling time) on campus ): so farrrr away … ): ):

Woke up at 940am, (although i thought i heard the cuckoo clock sound 12times!) and had a relaxed breakfast (: then spent the next 3 or 4 hours surfing the net! 🙂 I slept at 2+am watching the catchup video.

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