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3day week!

Week 11 has ended more or less. it was a THREE-DAY WEEK!! Haha and i’m still in wonderland. Last night supposedly our chaplain’s last mass (excluding exam mass). Holy Week is this coming week, i shall try to attend the tridum if possible. Yes! Another 3 day week! =D=D cos of Good Friday + my usual free day! Last night’s dinner was enjoyable, haven’t met the Samsonites for so long 🙂 Missed all of them, can’t wait for after the sem ends, when we can meet up more often. Gradually detached from hall….which is good. I love my home more now ahahaha. Anyway this year RH’s cut-off points surged by 10pts to 55pts!

I was reading about a TV News journalist Shin Na in today’s Straits Times (Saturday Special Section). Read her blog & saw the pictures of her lovely family. Very saddening… Spent the whole morning looking thru’ her blog n photos until i so emo… made me reflect on my own life…

Next week have marketing presentation >.< i don’t like don’t like don’t like….also have stats midterms on mon, i’d rather sit for 2 stats mid-terms than do marketing proj….aaaaahhh….kk don’t talk rubbish. no point also. haha…just get along with the flow lah & things will look up! 😀

Haha and the beetle-catching on Thurs night with Charm was super duper hilarious!! HAHAHAHA we were chased out of our rooms cos of a beetle which we initially thought was a bee! and we were wearing jeans & jackets & charm even wrapped a blanket round her legs! Haha n miah was on webcam & he saw us “jumping” on our beds! HAHAHA we screamed n ran out of the room when the “bee” flew towards us, waking up the PRCs next door who were laughing too! oh gosh. RH6 is indeed an insect block!


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