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Beautitudes for Leaders

Blessed are the leaders who have not sought the high place, but who have been drafted into service because of their ability and willingness to serve.

Blessed are the leaders who know where they are going, why they are going, and how to get there.

Blessed are the leaders who know no discouragement, who present no alibis.

Blessed are the leaders who know how to lead without being dictatorial; true leaders are humble.

Blessed are the leaders who seek the best for they those they serve.

Blessed are the leaders who lead for the good of the most concerned, and not for the personal gratification of their own ideas.

Blessed are the leaders who develop leaders while leading.

Blessed are the leadres who march with the group, interpret correctly the signs of the pathways that lead to success.

Blessed are the leaders who have their heads in the clouds but their feet on the ground.

Blessed are the leaders who consider leadership an opportunity for service.
-Author unknown-

I feel more peaceful than in the morning. It’s been the third consecutive day and i pray that this would be sustained beyond the five days i’m aiming for.

OMGosh! my toe has been bleeding for so, so, so long withouut my knowing! One big blop on my toe! a few blops (as in thick, thick blood, like a slight hill of blodd) on the floor =X

Too late to write anything else. gotta stop here.


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first free day!

first free day today, but it seems like another dim day >.< stuck on one stupid accounting qn since last night, i wasted 6hrs hours of my youth trying to balance the Bank & Book accounts for Bank Reconciliation! And still can’t balance. But enough of that already! Hmph!

Next week is mid-term break, after which things will heat up even more. Right after mid-term break will be 2mid-term tests (managerial econs & financial accounting) and 3projects (operations management – indiv then grp, management & organisation -make a grp video, biz law – indiv). Expecting hall stuff to start pretty soon, at 2 of the 3 activities would become more active. Then there’s also CSS – stepped up for an ad-hoc comm.

Today is my first free day! Cos no more career services workshop! yay! But signed up for this subject pool thingy, so i’ll be a lab rat for 1hr later haha quite interesting i suppose. mass, subj pool, meet friend. i must hit the bks soon again…after subj pool ends at 2.30pm…super laggy…almost all the tutorials can’t do…sure won’t do well for mid-term and eoys. hmmm…but the worst case scenario would be that i get kicked out of uni…haha but that won’t happen. must enjoy 1st sem, supposedly the honeymoon sem…

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