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Hall “Spirit”?

Will a point system work for improving hall spirit? What sort of spirit does this cultivate? To remove points for participation and increase points for leadership positions may seem like a great idea at first glance. But think of it, for every leader, he has at least ten followers. And so it’s like making the poor (i.e. the majority), poorer and the rich, richer. We shouldn’t implement changes for the sake of making change when a new exco takes over.

About the other change: rewarding points for one’s performance for the activities. Those who perform above average or outstanding as compared to their peers will gain more points. This sort of “Incentive” scheme does have its advantages but in the long run, doesn’t it breed a competitive hall spirit? Unity or competition? From observations, the answer, unfortunately, points to the latter. A good case in point is the rag ‘n’ flag day – initiated a few years back to bring about that much sought-after (by student unions, councils etc) campus / uni spirit. But today, it has evolved to become more of an annual competition in which some losers emerge from it with downcast & cheerless spirits. The process leading up to the preparation of that day is a competitive one too.

No time to catch up on my work on weekdays. Sometimes i really wished there was someone with exactly the same course as me, staying on campus. Not that I want to be anti-social & inactive in hall but not at the expense of studies. I need to maintain that CAP score for 3years.

Well, just my two-cents worth on the changes on the point system for hall activities. Personally, i much prefer the status quo, no need for such change. ‘Cos this might cause some to do things that they may not like. E.g. some people enjoy being a follower (like watching the IBGs – Inter-Block Games – rather than take part in it)  than being a leader. E.g. 2: What if one prefers to join uni CCAs instead of the equivalent of hall activities?

We should do the things that interest us, not for the points. And how about people who live at the other end of the island? They would have to juggle studies & activities, maybe even doings things that don’t interest them much just to secure their place here. Distance should be factored in – those staying further have more points, which i think is part of the point system in NTU hall…Oh well, it’s nearly midnight. Enough rambling…


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first wk

Besides independence, living in hostel requires one to practise the art of remaining calm, i suppose. I can hardly do anything worthwhile as i’m so sticky & hot. And when i lie on the bed, it gets cold cos the ceiling fan blows into the face. Raaahhhh….i want pgp or even better, home! okay i better stop grumbling. Must learn to be calm, if there is peace in yr heart, you won’t feel hot or kancheong. heh. Oh wells, i better get off to doing something useful.

i actually went to watch inter-block games (ibg), well, only the second part – takraw. It was very funny cos the commentator was calling the participants “hairy chest” & “nike shoes”. lol, and some of the guys kicked the ball onto the roof a few times! hahaha…Soccer was even funnier (i wasn’t there but could hear fr my rm)- “go for it, long legs!”, “Red pants! C’mon!” etc.

well i like my timetable now cos there’s only one 2hr lect daily. Tutorials only start in wk3. But i don’t wanna think what the next few mths would be like!! Hopefully i’ll find a very enjoyable cca to join so that at least i’ve something to look forward to every week =) This sem will be an “i-hate-thursdays” sem. How oh how…what’s with me ! i can’t get started! =X

If i’d all the time in the world, i would do lots of things…& join many ccas…i’d better stop daydreaming =X

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