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Ah! Home Sweet Home!

It seems like so long since I’ve stepepd into my house, but in fact, it’s been only 1 day! I “escaped” from RH camp this morning. Okay, not exactly escaped because i’ve a valid reason. Time can be more fruitfully spent than standing by the side of the pool watching the games for the whole day. So here i am, back at HOME! I LOVE MY HOME! It was like a disaster last night (or rather, in the wee hours of this morning) – the bathroom is so… URGH! And this morning we (my roommate & i) were faced with a very, very, very unwelcome visitor – a lizard with attitude! wah, we used the blinders, hit the table darn loudly, smacked the notice board, tried to shoot it with a rubber band twice, used her half-eaten bread (in a plastic bag of course) to shoo it away, but it just stayed put! It’s either deaf (well, i suppose lizards don’t have ears, do they?) or plain stubborn! But i would say, that among all my encounters with lizards, this one is definitely showing attitude towards humans, not scared of homosapiens at all! HMPH! and finally, i’d a great idea! (or so i thought) i threw a cotton bud at it & it finally moved! but it moved into this hole on my desk! and then dunno where in the world it disappeared to! So after that, on my way home, i dropped by the DIY shop to buy a lizard trap. Gonna try it out tmr. Oh wells…argh…hostel life…i really love my home altho’ there are lizards here but it’s so much cleaner and i love my home toilet & bathroom =) =) if only i could transport my toilet & bathroom there…

So here i am, enjoying the AWESOME feeling of slacking at home! But so far, the orientation has been alright =) the people there are nice & i made new friends =) surprisingly, i was very relaxed as i’ve been through 2FOCs already & so i more or less know what to expect. Hence, this time, it’s so much easier to interact with them. Friendly, nice pple ūüôā Didn’t go for room session for the block last night cos we ended at like 1.30am cos the last game (planks & bricks) dragged for so long. wahahaha…we were squashed like sardines on that darn plank, pores blocked with my own & other pple’s sweat. and for the last brick i’d to do a near-split cos my legs too short. heh. i was so glad it was over at LONG LAST! After washing up, went to blk 5 to chat with JS aka Granny. Found out that Granny’s next-door neighbours are my sec sch frenz! 4 of us talked & talked & talked till i really had to go, 3.20am. Wow, i dunno why i wasn’t tired at all. In fact, i was getting higher & higher as it grew later! haha yesterday was really good =) i yakked & yakked for so long happily! It was so dark & quiet outside that i was kinda scared to walk back to my block. Retired to bed at abt 4am.

I wonder how i’m gonna cope with the living conditions in hostel life. (referring to the bathroom, toilet & unwelcome “visitors”…But for now, just enjoy the feeling of being right at home! Nothing beats the great comfort of your home! ūüėÄ

0h ya, the nihon mura treat gave my ex-colleagues stomachache. So i went back to the restaurant to give feedback but the guy was like in disbelief haha. Feel sort of detached already when i went back to the office. Glad that the phase is over =)


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Bye Bye IRAS!

This is going to be a very long post, cos i shall be reminiscing about the past 6mths, 1wk.

Where shall i start from? [Rewinding as far back as possible…Rewinding…]

I still remember the day i started work at my aunt’s co. in Tuas. Woke up at 5.30am to catch a company bus. It was precisely because i detested the long travelling time & didn’t see the need¬†make such a huge¬†sacrifice in¬†my sleeping time for a temporary job, that i went ahead to submit job applications for other jobs. And i’m thankful that God gave me this job initially so that i would apply for other jobs. [The Lord’s Plan] I was so surprised to see¬†6 missed calls on my hp during lunch so i called back the no. but no one answered.On the way home on the co. bus, the same no. called me back. This time i answered & i was asked to come down for an interview!

On the interview day, i met my first 2 colleagues / friends – meiting & kaiyan =) haha, ky of course broke the ice, but i gave her one-word answers cos it was kinda awkward in that cold room. On the 1st day, we all met at the escalator, all 45 of us. There i met my 3rd colleague/ friend: Jin Juan. I thought i’d seen her somewhere before but it wasn’t so…i also met my sec sch classmate but she went to another dept. Later we were split into the diff depts,¬†only 27 of us in¬†IIT.¬†Before we knew it, we’d begun training & i met my next colleagues / friends =) Cheryn (sitting next to me & at first sight i thought she was dao =p¬†found out later¬†tht she’s actually¬†totally the opp!) & Jillian! =)

Lunch on the 1st day was at 2nd level cafe & i’d meepok (the first of many to come haha) i told the uncle “bu yao la” (dun want chilli) but he didn’t hear, so i ended up tearing, i was quite embarrassed so i left with jin juan first & she later treated me to a doughnut at Donut Factory. I remember how i was always lost during training, had to ask shurong on my right. lol.

Fast forward to my 1st day at work,¬†i rmb praying so, so hard that it would be an English-speaking, kind caller.¬†My prayer was answered! – the first call i handled was this lady calling from Belgium & she was so super kind =) =)¬†¬†I made a few mistakes along the way esp during first 2wks & coincidentally, i spoke to my jo on my 2nd or 3rd day! haha! i was laughing all the way man…lol. [There’re quite a handful of interesting things but can’t reveal here.] January & Feb was quite slack. haha. we’d so much time to chitchat in between. And during the 1st wk or so, Steffi, Lee Teng & Edmund were like my back-room team.

My brother became my colleague soon after that & all the sups,¬†and TCOs too,¬†were so, so surprised! haha! ‘cos we kept it low-profile, and our looks & personality are so different that no one could tell lol. Then there was the buddying session with one of brother’s friends & his¬†memo disaster. Filing peak was madness; i’ll always rmb the the unending ADs, the half-hour lunches, & the OTs to reply voicemail. My seating arrangment was thrice in the normal holding area, once beside a sup (a tco even mistook me for a sup!) during which i’d to use the normal phone w/o headset. But¬†at¬†peak period, i was in the cubicles. ¬†

Following that was the scholarship interviews where i met another colleague/ friend Audrey. haha we’d fun i must say =) My seven member strong lunch group slowly shrunk…we tried the shophouses, the nearby shopping centres, etc…we’d so much fun & laughter during lunch…then some days we would be rushing back from lunch to log in punctually…Ah! Those were the days…Thereafter, we moved to 18th storey, where the scenery was so awesome! but anyway that period of time i kept VL-ing. I regret that!! ok, well, to cut things short, cos my tv show is here liao, the new 2nd storey rocks! haha i love the toilet! All gd things come to an end =) As of today, only 3 out of 27 of my batch left.

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so coincidental!

today after work, went ri ben chun for lunch with colleagues before going with js to J8 then citylink mall, suntec city & marina square. We walked for 5hrs! It was so full of coincidence! Met Franklin & Selena from RCIA at novena square, then Zoe from NUS Biz Adv. Placement at City Hall MRT, then David from RCIA at Suntec and finally Belinda, my sec sch classmate & cca mate, at Suntec also. Wow! like 4 chance mtgs in one day!

Well, only managed to get coasters. I’ve to go back to change them cos one of the msgs is a bit offensive if one reads it when in a serious mood. I really, really, really wanna continue working…not looking forward to studying. But all good things come to an end. Just two more days of work & it’ll be gone. Maybe i shouldn’t have tendered my resignation, just keep it there first & see if i can juggle studies & work. A part of me says why not ? no harm trying. but the logical side thinks otherwise. tian1 xia4 wu2 bu4¬†san4 zhi1 yan2 xi2. haha i think i may be wrong.

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MAJESTY by Delirious?

Here I am humbled by your Majesty
Covered by your grace so free
Here I am, knowing I’m a sinful man
Covered by the blood of the Lamb

Now I’ve found the greatest love of all is mine
Since you laid down your life
The greatest sacrifice

Majesty, Majesty
Your grace has found me just as I am
Empty handed, but alive in your hands
Majesty, Majesty
Forever I am changed by your love
In the presence of your Majesty

Here I am humbled by the love that you give
Forgiven so that I can forgive
Here I stand, knowing that I’m your desire
Sanctified by glory and fire

Now I’ve found the greatest love of all is mine
Since you laid down your life
The greatest sacrifice

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