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Sometimes, life goes so fast that one doesn’t have the luxury of time or energy to stop and reflect. The more crowded life becomes, the more one needs Him.

There are many – so many – things I wanna change and improve, but there just isn’t the time or the energy or the self-displine, or just all three. Squeezing in time on the bus, mrt or while walking has not been very productive. Worried about my future (soooo….much uncertainty), church stuff, finances, (physical & spiritual) health… I just keep procrastinating & I’ve been spending so much – but I know I need it, even then, must be aware of the limits ‘cos i can feel myself about to go overboard soon. It’s even difficult to write out just this short paragraph – shows how little i’ve been reflecting of late. I’m glad the month is ending soon. I wish time could go faster so this period would be over soon, and there would at last be some sort of certainty.

Sure, I miss those days when i would return home and watch every drama serial from 5.30pm to 10pm. But then, I also like to be kept busy because it prevents rotting & time passes faster & more meaningfully (sometimes). Anyway today, it was really, really busy! at one point, there were like 26 calls waiting! break record! I answered a record no. of calls – abt 62-65 calls in 7.5 hrs! excluding all the follow-up call-backs – which were alot also! but it was more motivating to work t0day haha better than so few calls which is quite boring.

Since I’m there to serve God, then why am i holding back because of those obstacles? Why am I counting down? Because i’m not whole-hearted about it. And why am i not? because i’m there for the wrong reason(s)?? Or perhaps this is just a teething problem. oh well.

Despite these, i must say that i’m blessed -because i can always turn to Him. But I need to make time & energy for that. haha


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Rather confused about the direction to take. Everything’s everywhere and so messy! Thoughts are going in many directions. Feel like a big HUGE PSYDUCK!

Very ill now. gah…i think i shall have to start hibernating soon to strengthen my white blood cells. haiz…can’t go openhouse today. Thank God i don’t have to work today! I’m so, so looking forward to the activation of my taste buds again!! Every morsel of food- yes, literally, every– tastes like plain water.

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